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Silicon Master 2016: Cactus

Silicon Master 2016 Cactus Edition will be launched second week of February. 32bits and full 64bits version. New design, new look and ergonomics, and high security level. Cactus edition is a big upgrade in technology for Silicon Brain.

Improved Nesting functions

Silicon Brain upgrades Product Manager with new nesting functions. More easy to build “on the fly” nesting manufacturing orders. With all documentation and labelling requested for huge volume.

Point of warehouse

Silicon Brain launches a new module for warehouse management. The same concept as “point of sale system” (POS). Designed for tactile screen and easy to use for shop floor operators.

Windows 10

Enhance your experience using Silicon Master EX10 with Windows 10. The ERP Silicon Master is fully compatible with the latest version of Windows 10. Silicon Master makes a self-metamorphosis to run with the nice new design. Feel free to upgrade […]

Mobile service report

For your employees on the road: give them access to the schedule in Silicon Master.  On their Android or iPad, your employees will have access to essential information for carrying out their mission. Signed by the customer, the provision report […]