KAP Evolution

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  • Mail: info@kapevolution.be
  • Website: http://www.kapevolution.be
  • Address: Allée de la Recherche 12, 1070 Brussels

Silicon Master

The softwarepackage Silicon Master is an E.R.P. System (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Faced with market leading integrators, “Silicon Master” is the leader in integration of ERP for SME’s PMI.
This allows you to perform the different services offered by an enterprise:

  • Commercial activities
  • Relationship management (XRM or CRM)
  • Production management
  • Monitoring sites
  • After sales services
  • Maintenance management
  • Multi-wharehouse management
  • Management by batch and per piece (Tracability)
  • Document management
  • Human resources management (HRM)


Standard provided with an MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and JIT (Just in Time), it generates the production orders, purchases and automatic maintenance. An interactive planning, using the Gantt diagrammes, is integrated.

The package “Silicon Spider” allows web acces for internal management or for customers.

Kap Evolution proposes a panel of mobile tools:

  • Scanning in the stock (Warehouse)
  • Time registration and workshop monitoring
  • CRM Mobile management