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Production, business, project, building-site, intervention follow-up

A revolutionary concept for corporations which work on a commission and for service companies. Budgeting, modelisation, assessment and follow-up of productions, businesses, building-sites and interventions (purchase, supplies and estimated costs, forecast works), hiring, profitability and progress in real time, anti « domino effect » planning, barcode clock in, interactive Gantt charts, PERT planning, machines booking charts, graph organisation of the staff, …


Production management

MRP and JIT concepts have been rethought for an optimized just-in-time production, traceability of products, calculation of the needs in real time, barcode clock in separated out production, coupled production, master production plan, anti « domino effect » planning, interaction Gantt charts, machine booking charts, organization of the staff, …


Industrial trade management – Sales

Chain processing of the whole sales process : supply, orders, dispatching, invoicing. But also industrial management of contracts, projected orders and EDI, parcelling, returns to customers, replacements, transports, pickings, …


Industrial trade management – Purchases

Chain processing of the whole purchases process : product pricing, orders, receptions, billing check-up. But also industrial management of contracts, projected orders and EDI, parcelling, returns to customers, replacements, picking, subcontracting,…


Industrial trade management – Transports

Chain processing of the whole transports process : management of the clients/suppliers rounds, management of the suppliers/clients transports, of shops/floor transfers, …


Maintenance, SAV, interventions follow-up

Management of the after-sales department and/or of the maintenance department, integrated to the ERP, curative and preventive maintenance, contract, product substitution, hiring, interventions background, failures reporting, …

System Modules

System modules

Basis modules of the Silicon Master ERP follow-up comprising : user’s basics, general lay-outs, general tables, fax/mail access gates, events notification, barcode polices packs, linguistic interfaces,…

Standard Modules

Standard modules

Clients identifying, contracts, suppliers, articles, nomenclatures, operating ranges, parcels, … This functional group of modules also covers the management by lots or series numbers, stocks management in multi-shops and spaces, human resources management, …

DOC Manager

Integrated documents management

Office automation integrated to your management system. Combining all types of documents to the ERP data, opening of linked documents from the Silicon Master software, managements of templates absorbing mails and documents, …


Agenda, appointments, tasks, actions

Organization of your management and your whole networking and multi resource staff. Centralized management of agendas, appointments, actions, tasks and sequencing of tasks («workflows»), the whole integrated to the bulk of the ERP information. Real time synchronisation with Kerio, Google Agenda, MS Outlook, MS Exchange.

Marketing Manager

Marketing and information management

Your markets and sales force organized in a dynamic way. Information and visits reports, information campaigns, selection profiles, the whole integrated to the other ERP information.

Flex Builder

Products configurator

Multiple and infinite variation of products which are proposed in a systematic, assessed, calculated and dimensioned way. On-line configuration of articles, nomenclatures, ranges and prices via a structured sequence and multi-levels of questions, answers, obligations, alternatives, options, …

Plan Manager

Planning tools

Managing means forecasting. Planning, means organizing the future for an efficient present. Real time assessment of time vectors, true Just-in-Time (JIT) planning engine, dynamic purchase and manufacturing proposals, processing of master consumption and forecast plans, …

Stock Manager

Stock, store and shop management

Your flow of products under control. Multi-shop management with sites, stocking, destocking, product booking, inlet of finite or semi-finite products, transfer, assembling, classic and cyclic inventory, …

Silicon WMS

Optimization of your warehouse management

Real time image of your stock, management of the integrated traceability, RMA, management of expiring dates, maturations and quarantines, real time mobile transactions, real time labelling,…

Stock Analysis Management

Stock analysis management

Your stock through a magnifying glass in a dynamic way with precise follow-up methods : stock analysis, stock movements values and updating, automatic assessment of ranges, ordering places and inventory cycles, outstanding debt calculation, inventory and values variations, the whole with a parameterized accounts integration.

Shop floor manager

On-line shopfloor management

Real time checking, real time products checking with automatic consumption, supervision, real time progress, checking, outlet, delivering, reception, inlet, transfer, manufacturing circulation, real time linking with devices and shop floor machines.

Label Maker

On-line labelling

Real time labelling aiming at an optimal follow-up of your material flow. Unavoidable for a management by lots, by series numbers, in multi shops and localized spots. Industrial printing machines piloting.

Liberty Scan

Stock transactions and mobile manufacturing follow-up

Your material flow fully managed thanks to mobile scanners in batch or Wifi connections. Modular and interactive systems. Inventory, picking, pick-up, transfer between shops, products information, manufacturing circulation.

Control Manager

Quality control management and metrology

Management of controlling ranges linked with operating ranges, measurements, maintenance of measuring devices and calibrations. Real time links with metrology.

Quality Management

Quality management

Management of non-conformities, improvements requests, dispensations requests, correction and curative actions, narrow link with the centralized agenda and with the bulk of information of the integrated solution.

At Work

Social clock in/out

Entrance/exit by swipe cards, assessment of presences periods, team and schedule management, link with the social office and other partners, …

Education Manager

Training management

Complete management of trainings : management of the teaching staff and students, planning of trainings, records of presences and management of exams and diplomas.

Interco Management

Intercorporations management

Automatized processing of cross information between corporations. Mirror command, streamed dispatching, referencing of identifications (articles, clients, suppliers) between corporations, chain invoicing between corporations.

Silicon Pipe

Sites synchronization

Synchronisation bases tools between distant sites.

EDI Transactions

EDI transactions

EDI import and export : consumption master plans, projected orders, definite orders, confirmations of orders, delivery notes, invoices, …

Integrated Add-ons

Integrated complementary modules

Many other applications are integrated ito the ERP Silicon Master follow-up, among others : analyses and monitoring charts via crossed dynamic tables, section optimization via ARDIS link, management of shop floor buzzers, …

Plug-in Manager

Standard specifics integration

Complete Integration of functionalities or applications specific to the ERP Silicon Master follow-up via the management of plugs-in which are independent from basis applications.