KAP Evolution

  • Phone: 0032 2 460 76 56
  • Mail: info@kapevolution.be
  • Website: http://www.kapevolution.be
  • Address: AllĂ©e de la Recherche 12, 1070 Brussels

Accounting software Silicon Financial

It is extremely stable software and it combines simplicity and easy to use with speed and efficiency.
In addition, it consists of a complete package for all your enterprise accounting:

  • Automatisation of transactions
  • ERP integration with Silicon Master, but also with other applications
  • Extensive support for the financial side (BIC/IBAN, SEPA, Isabel 6)
  • Excel: exports and intergrated live functions
  • Investments
  • Customization of the user interface
  • Multi legislative
  • Analytic accounting with unlimited plans
  • Declarations to XML/Excel