KAP Evolution

  • Phone: 0032 2 460 76 56
  • Mail: info@kapevolution.be
  • Website: http://www.kapevolution.be
  • Address: Allée de la Recherche 12, 1070 Brussels

The Cloud

Do you have the following thoughts?

  • I do not want to worry about backups
  • I want to access my files from anywhere, anytime
  • I’m looking for a solution that can grow with my company
  • I do not have the place to host my own server
  • I want to run less risk of fire and water damage


Then you’re kindly invited to talk to us. Kap Evolution offers a hosting package that can be configured to your needs. No investment is required, only a fixed monthly fee.
Kap Evolution offers various solutions to use the cloud to increase your business efficiency. Whether it is a mail solution, access to certain files or software in the cloud, Kap Evolution has a solution.