KAP Evolution

  • Phone: 0032 2 460 76 56
  • Mail: info@kapevolution.be
  • Website: http://www.kapevolution.be
  • Address: Allée de la Recherche 12, 1070 Brussels

KAP Evolution is continuously evolving!

Founded in 1998, Kap Evolution has always focused on its low business’ ERP software integration for SME’s. Since these beginnings, Kap Evolution has always been growing steadily. To support this growth, in 2009 KAP Evolution selected the Silicon Master software and ERP partners with Syscom and Brainstorming  to found The Brain Group.

Why this choice?
Daring to engage in a “Technological Cluster” for the benefit of business customers!
Companies want to work with a local partner, which implies a geographical proximity, whether in Wallonia, Flanders or Brussels.
Then come the multiple skills: ERP managements software (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), accounting and finance, infrastructure (email, networks, PDA, …)
At present, a data provider rarely has all of these internal skills.
Thus the three companies, which together become a major player in the computer world at national level, will be able to offer in addition to existing products and services:

  • Excellent national coverage
  • A high-scale team of more than 50 people working in the same objectives
  • Adequate skills in the provision of each company’s resources
  • The ability to offer you the Silicon Financial software, very powerful accounting software
  • Access to system solutions / hardware through the use of group resources
  • The ability to offer you the ERP Silicon Master, a widely used management software in Belgium, especially in the world of industry


To implement these technologies become indispensable today, teams in various management solution advisors (accounting and finance, ERP) helps companies to identify the outlines of possible improvement and transmits appropriate proposals based on customer needs .
Faced with market leading integrators, “Silicon Master” is the leader in integration of ERP for SME’s PMI.