KAP Evolution

  • Phone: 0032 2 460 76 56
  • Mail: info@kapevolution.be
  • Website: http://www.kapevolution.be
  • Address: AllĂ©e de la Recherche 12, 1070 Brussels

Human project organization

We offer a lightweight project management structure, the extent of your business, but nevertheless respect a number of principles:

  • Each team (on your company’s and KAP Evolutions side) is under the direction of a project leader
  • The pair formed by the two project managers are in close communication
  • No communication bypasses the project leaders. The communication channel between them is a must
  • The project manager is expressed and committed on behalf of the entire team
  • Above all is (possibly) a Steering Committee composed of various persons chosen by your company. This is the highest decision-making body in the project